Quavo – Honey Bun

Quavo – Honey Bun

Famous and world music artist and songwriter,  Quavo  came through with another wonderful track titled  Honey Bun. This song was made public by this artist in 2023 and was delivered for the listening enjoyment of his fans world wide.


  • Writer:                Bosslady
  • Artist(s):            Quavo 
  • Track Title:        Honey Bun
  • Released Date:  2023
  • Category:            Music
  • File Type:           Audio

Now, it is indubitably confirm that this wonderful tune was carefully composed and delivered by the artist compared to other songs by the artist, and it is now making so much waves all over the world.

The artist was quite excited to inform the fans about this new drop on Twitter and other social media platforms earlier this weekend and you can stream it in all the music platforms.

This song  Honey Bun will unquestionably be a joy to your ears and melt hearts, the song is already bombing on popular streaming platforms including Audiomack, Youtube music and Apple music.
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Listen and enjoy below;

Download:  Quavo Ft Yung Miami - Strub Tha Ground

Yeah, yeah, huh
What the fuck they thought, nigga? (What the fuck they thought?)I just jumped up out the fuckin’ vault, nigga (go), huhNiggas singing like Diana Ross, nigga (soo)I don’t wanna hear no sorry for my loss, nigga
Fuck it, do some, I just put my roof on it (put that house on it)I don’t give a fuck about no big homie (fuck ’em)No Huncho, no, fuck it, I’m back on it (chill out)Everybody know just how we act on it (go)
What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up?Ain’t gon’ run, I got that strap on me (grah)What’s up? (Yeah) what’s up? (Yeah) what’s up? (Yeah)What’s up? (Yeah) what’s up? (Yeah) what’s up? (Yeah)What’s up? (Yeah)What’s up?
Honey Bun, can you do somethin’ for me? (Do somethin’)Can you go automatic just for me?Tommy gun, can you do somethin’ for me? (soo)Can you call Al Capone for me? (Brrt, brrt, yeah)
I got a reason to slide, I got a reason to ride (say what?)I got a, I got a reason to slide?, I got a reason to ride (ooh, get out)How can I come outside, without no mask on? (How?)They wanna see my emotions, I ain’t smilin’ at all (fuck ’em)I bought a bulletproof Humvee, it could take down a wall (skrrt)Tactical mechanics end up payin’ off (brrt)They don’t want me talkin’ like this gangster, at all (uh, uh)They’d rather see me on TV playin’ basketball (fuck that), huhHell nah (hell nah), huh, huh, fuck all that (fuck it), huhI’m back, no more Hollywood, just bring me back, huh, huh (hi)I just got a hundred bricks like hack a shack (bando), huh2014 Huncho is back
Honey Bun, huh, huh, huh, huh (Honey Bun, Al Capone)Yeah, Tommy gun, huh, huh, huh, huh (what, can you call? Al Capone, brrt)Huh, huh, huh, Huncho

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