Actress Pearl Thusi Unveils Private Messages With Costa Titch, Writes Tribute


Actress Pearl Thusi Unveils Private Messages With Costa Titch, Writes Tribute

Pearl Thusi, the Mzansi actress has shared private messages with the late Costa Titch as she paid tribute to him.


Mzansi has had a difficult year. We’ve seen some of our favorite people die, and all we can do is mourn. Pearl Thusi, the star of “Queen Sono,” has not had an easy life. When AKA was murdered, the talented actress felt the pain.

When news of Costa Titch’s death broke, she couldn’t hold back her tears. Costa, AKA, and Pearl were all acquaintances. Thusi paid tribute to the “Big Flexa” star on Instagram with a beautiful post.

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She also shared a screenshot of messages between them, where they talked up about mourning the Supa Mega the way he would have wanted. They even planned to meet up but that didn’t happen. She thanked his fans for supported him and noted that Costa was a real one.

@pearlthusi (Instagram)
Costa, bro????? It’s wild when you’re making plans with someone, getting to know them… and then this happens. This is so confusing – you’ve been championing me through one of the wildest decisions I’ve made. I’m not sure how I’ll do this without you?? I told everyone “I’ll be fine! Costa said he’s gonna hold my hand through the roll out!” Damn… I took too long… f*ck. Always kind, funny, encouraging, supportive and a true creative. I hope however I roll that plan out now … I make you proud and you guide me. Because you promised Habibi! I should have gotten you those AirTags myself. 🥺 We were still meant to meet and chop it up about Kiernan and how you’re /we’re coping. Busy schedules got in the way. I assumed I had tomorrow, next week, next month… we’ll keep that green light on. Love to the TITCH GANG, his close friends & his family. Costa was a real one. Thank you for sharing him with us. This is so difficult to process because you’d given everything and yet you still had so much to give. Rest in Power bro. Wild that you lived and transcended to the sound of your own music – as I try and find something good to hold on to at this time- that seems to come up. You loved what you did till the very end. We’re proud of you, your work and your heart. 💚💚💚💚 Nkalakatha, big flexa, 💚💚💚

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