AKA Refutes Accepts About His New Car, Says His Twitter Account Got Hacked

After being trolled for wasting money, AKA denies the claims he made about his new BMW. The rapper apologized to the troll but went on to clarify the new car.


“Guys I want to address these rumors flying around. I did not buy a brand new X7 M50i 2022 full spec … it’s a company car. I am merely the driver,” he wrote.

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“Please do not let people fool you into thinking I have lots of money. I am but a humble, hard-working musician. A lowly public servant of the people,” he added.

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“Kiernan Forbes is merely an employee of Brand AKA … it’s true. I’m a fraud.”

A few minutes after he tweeted all of the above, the rapper took down the tweets claiming he knows nothing about them as his Twitter account was hacked.

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“Apologies Megacy … somebody just hacked into my account tweeting about nonsense. Cars and companies and stuff … sorry you had to see that,” he wrote.

However, most of his Twitter followers didn’t buy the story.

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