By Ntsiki Mazwai: “It’s Okay To Sleep With Married Men”

Ntsiki Mazwai weighs in on Enhle Mbali’s affair with Justice Huni, a married man.


According to the critic, there is no problem with sleeping with a married man as long as the man’s wife is aware.

Twitter users chastised Enhle for the affair, and the man’s wife later leaked conversations with the actress.

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Taking to Twitter, Ntsiki said, “The older you get the more likely it is that a man will be married. For me, personally, I don’t think there’s an issue with sleeping [with] a married man if his wife knows. I have been in relationships where I had a husband and wife. So if we just talk openly as people. When men hit on me and their married, I ask them does your wife know?”

“I don’t need a full-time husband, I’m not here to break your home. I don’t want somebody there all the time. I just need the D. So for me it’s not such a big issue as long as the wife knows,” she continued.

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