By Sithelo Shozi – “I Was Forced To Prove I Am My Children’s Biological Mother”


Sithelo Shozi previously revealed that her ex, Andile Mpisane, has requested a paternity test to prove he is the father of their two daughters, Florence and Coco. However, the influencer and entertainer is now spilling the beans on demands that she also undergo a DNA test…

The shocking allegations were revealed in a sworn statement submitted to the Johannesburg High Court last week. Sithelo accused Andile and his mother Shauwn, aka “MaMkhize,” of “unlawfully and unconstitutionally abducting” Florence.

According to a 24-page affidavit, Sithelo Shozi revealed that Andile Mpisane demanded a DNA test to prove his paternity. She added that she was also forced to prove she was the biological mother of Florence and Coco.

According to TimesLive, she shared in her statement: “As if that was not enough, I was also summoned to undergo the DNA test. This was done to confirm if I am indeed the biological mother … I obliged”.

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Sithelo added that DNA tests were done willingly but under “unlawful” circumstances.

She added: “I had no qualms undergoing the DNA test. I was faithful and loyal to [Mpisane] during our relationship.

“What I objected to was the manner in which they approached it — it is unlawful to abduct the child and force us to undergo the DNA tests.”

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In June last year, Andile Mpisane and Sithelo Shozi’s relationship made headlines after she accused him of being physically abusive towards her during their relationship.

She also revealed that she would be laying charges of assault against him.

Not long after, a copy of a protection order by Andile against Sithelo accusing her of being “violent and aggressive” went viral.

A month later, Andile Mpisane demanded a paternity test to prove Sithelo’s daughters were his. According to Sunday World, a letter of demand from his attorneys revealed Andile’s doubts.

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The letter read: “Our client has in recent past requested that you both take paternity (DNA) tests in respect of Baby Flo and Baby Coco to lay to rest the old rumours of infidelity on your part during the time when the kids were conceived.”


“And instead of addressing our client’s genuine request, you opted to divert attention from the real issues at hand by throwing up allegations of abuse against our client,”

Sithelo is currently seeking a permanent protection order against Andile.

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