Latest: Emtee’s Fans Come To His Defense Against Nota Baloyi

Following Nota Baloyi’s rant to publicly shame Emtee, his fans have come to his defense. Baloyi took to Twitter to mock the rapper for smoking marijuana and implied that he was planning to commit suicide.

The feud between rapper Emtee and Nota Baloyi on social media continues, with Baloyi relentlessly attacking the rapper. Recently, the two went at it on Twitter, taking jabs at one another. Baloyi appears to have reignited the feud as he takes another swing at Emtee.

Baloyi took to Twitter to address what appeared to be a concern about Emtee’s health, accusing the rapper of using drugs. Baloyi continues to suggest that if Emtee wants to live longer, he should check himself into a rehab facility. Baloyi went on to say that the rapper is smoking himself to death.

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“If you love Emtee & want him to live long enough to watch his children grow old or become a grand parent then stop attending his shows or streaming his music until he checks himself into a drug rehabilitation programme. We are watching him slowly kill himself & nobody is helping!” wrote Nota Baloyi


Evidently, Emtee’s fans might have had just about enough of Nota Baloyi’s smack downs directed to the rapper. tweeps did not mince their words as they took under Baloyi’s tweet to directly tell him to keep Emtee’s name out of his mouth.

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“Emtee smokes weed not drugs” wrote Momelezi


“Lean or purple Sprite is drugs and addictive too.Don’t act like no one around him knows that he’s addicted to Lean like Lil Wayne” wrote Swart


“We don’t care we love @emteerecordSA n we Gon support him tot n tot” wrote Luke


Tweeps have also made it know that Emtee does not do drugs but he does weed and lean. Some tweeps have urged Baloyi to extend an olive branch to Emtee and assist, if he has his best interests at heart.

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“Instead of warning us about substances that we are already aware of, why don’t you assist him? Isn’t it true that YOU are the savior and that SA is the home of the ‘music god’?. Simply put, help him” wrote Banglata

In the same breathe, tweeps have also urged Baloyi to seek professional himself.

“You also need help bra. go and have your second floor checked” wrote Nicky Masuleke

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