Latest: Mfana Kah Gogo Has Celebrateed Himself For Passing Matric

Despite combining his music career and school life, the Amapiano singer, real name Sipho Mbonambi, is happy to have completed Grade 12.

Taking to social media, Kah admits it wasn’t easy combining both lifestyles, but he did it with the help of his staff.

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“It wasn’t easy jangling school and music, it wasn‘t easy but I would like to give thanks to my team for supporting me and making sure I had time for both. Without you guys I am nothing,” he wrote.
“I love music, but I also want to be a businessman I see myself creating employment for a lot of South Africans,” he tells Zimoja.

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“Fame comes and goes, I know that I might not be famous forever, but my business acumen will always remain.”

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