Latest: Mr JazziQ Has Been Dragged By A Man For Hitting On His Girlfriend

Mr JazziQ has been called out for hitting on his girlfriend by a tattoo artist and owner of Al Realism Tattoos.


The tattoo artist used Instagram stories to warn the Amapiano musician not to take his woman.

“Mr JazziQ bro ain’t gonna lie I’m a big fan of your music. But please stop hitting on my girl sedii moshounyane. This is the second time you texting her. You even tried to hit on her yesterday at the market and still she mized you because she’s not interested.” wrote Al Realism.

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He further urged JazziQ to focus on his two kids.

“You busy lying on your interviews saying you don’t want nobody knowing exactly what you doing. Long story short please respect our relationship. Focus on your kids boy!”

The DJ trends as the news stirred social media users, and many have used the medium to express their thoughts and concern about the issue.




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