Photos As Lasizwe Dambuza Got Trolled For Eating Cookies On Twitter

After his cookie-eating tweet, Lasizwe Dambuza is in an awkward conversation. Dambuza has naively invited attention as tweeps misinterpret his photo and caption.


Celebrities truly need thicker skin. The photo of Lasizwe Dabuza eating cookies sparks a heated debate.

Dambuza posted the picture with an uncertain description, but tweeps are already mocking him.

“the only cookie I love eating” wrote Lasizwe Dambuza


A battle of words as tweeps came in their numbers to lambast Lasizwe Dambuza for more than just the cookies eating picture. While some tweeps got his humor, on the other hand some tweeps took it too far as they proceeded to go in on the obvious queer Lasizwe Dambuza.

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“Our sons are in trouble. And they make you guys look like role models. Sick” wrote Livhuwa


“Your sons are safe! You are the trouble with your backwards thinking!” wrote Lasizwe Dambuza


“You also go on periods” wrote Lucky Mahobe


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Dark comments under his tweets attacking his sexuality and sexual orientation, which was really derogatory and under the belt. Condescending commentary laced with homophobia was another thing that might have halted Dambuza from firing back at the tweets authors. However, knowing Dambuza, it isall like water off a duck’s back.

“What else do you do with this finger? Asking for a cousin.” wrote Jama


“You should try the ones we eating very refreshing it makes you want to buy iblack label 1Litre for uJesu…” wrote Roman Fenandes


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Imnandi kangaka iphusi mfana wakhetha umdidi” wrote Calvin


“Manje bafo awukaze walithi mbibi impela leli elingena shukela?” wrote Bhut’ uMhayise

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