Photos As Lootlove Luthando Celebrates Her Daughters’ 4th Birthday

Lootlove Luthando is celebrating the fourth birthday of her daughters.


The media celebrity posted a gorgeous photo of herself with her daughters and accompanied it with lovely comments.

“So I birthed my best friends… I don’t know if we’re at the real best friends stage cause at this point, this friendship gets revoked every time i say “No can’t have another sweet baby, it’s almost 9pm.”

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Loot gushed over their growth and revealed the things she loved about them.

“One of my favourite things about watching you grow in the last 4 years is: I’ve seen traces of my family history come alive in my children. Watching one twin look like your grandad from your dad’s side and the other having your grand mothers side eye, one twin having this aunt’s sassiness the other having her uncle’s whole face… it’s been so beautiful. These two brought me back home & I’ll forever be grateful for that gift,” she added.

“To the best 4 years of my life and the lifetime it took to prepare for you. To never eating alone, talking on the phone alone, doing anything alone ever again… I love you. Happy Birthday to My Beams of Light, eSisizwe siZanothando nyani.”

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