POST: Pinky Girl Jets Off Shortly After Her Cousin, Bonang Matheba

The social media feud between cousins Bonang Matheba and Pinky Girl may be over. Pinky Girl left last night to an undisclosed place after Matheba left on Wednesday.


Bonang Matheba and Pinky Girl’s stunts yesterday appear to have been staged after being dragged, unfollowed, and blocked on social media. While tweeps believed they had become adversaries.

Pinky Girl tweeted yesterday night claiming she was at the airport preparing to fly. Bonang Matheba departed the nation on Wednesday after criticizing Pinky Girl for not being vaccinated.

“Airports give me anxiety…Mara retla reng…Hae Du” wrote Pinky Girl


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It all started when Bonang Matheba took to Twitter to lambast a particular person in her circle who did not have a passport, also who was not vaccinated. Matheba proceeded to highlight that she needed a new personal assistant (PA) on top of the one she already has.

Immediately tweeps caught wind that there was bad blood between Bonang Matheba and cousin, Pinky Girl. Out of nowhere, Pinky Girl came guns blazing to clear her name and voice some of her grievances. Pinky Girl proceeded by subtly shading Matheba by tweeting that she has a passport and that she is vaccinated with a vaccination certificate to prove it.

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To set the record straight, Pinky Girl went on a rant by tweeting a series of tweets to make it known that things between her and Bonang Matheba were not peachy. After Matheba tweeted about being tired about a particular individual in her circle. It was not until Pinky Girl tweeted about being tired as well for staying quite far too long about being mistreated.

“I’ve been So quite for so long…I’m Tayad too.” wrote Pinky Girl


“I hate fake concerns.” wrote Pinky Girl


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“That’s just being Shallow…from being dragged , unfollowed and blocked for no reason while I’m pushing the love.” wrote Pinky Girl


“People who enjoys bringing other people down OUT!!!” wrote Pinky Girl


At this point is it still unclear where Matheba and Pinky Girl are really beefing. However, following being blocked, unfollowed and dragged for no reason, Matheba threw the first punch.

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