The Video As Liesl Laurie Buys A New Car For Her Grandmother

Liesl Laurie buys a new car for her grandmother. The former Miss SA shared a photo of her gogo, who was overjoyed with the new gift.


Liesl considers herself fortunate to be able to pamper and treat her grandmother while she is still alive.

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She expressed gratitude to her husband, Musa Mthombeni, for his assistance in pulling off a successful surprise for her.

“It is only by the Grace of God that I am able to do this for my grandmother. Thank you for being Ouma Laurie (Lola) to me, to your family, the church, and the greater Eldorado Park. You deserve this. I love you!!!”

“I am so grateful that I could spoil my ouma whilst she is still here on earth with us. To my amazing husband, thank you for helping me pull this off. I love you so much,” Liesl added.

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