Trouble In Paradise As Faith Nketsi Allegedly Leaves Marital Home



Trouble In Paradise As Faith Nketsi Allegedly Leaves Marital Home 

A rapper and reality TV star, Faith Nketsi, shocked South Africans last year when she released photos from her secret wedding. The bodacious influencer married controversial businessman Nzuzo Njilo at a stunning wedding venue in Johannesburg’s south. Soon after, she dropped another bombshell: she was pregnant.

And now it appears that the young couple may be having trouble in paradise, with various local news reports claiming that she has moved out of her marital home.

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Faith Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo were once upon a time one of SA’s most envied couples.

Many ladies couldn’t help but gush after the KwaZulu-Natal businessman bought Faith a brand new top-of-the-range Range Rover which was parked inside a giant box filled with balloons.

Shortly afterward, the pair got married and soon welcomed a baby girl.

And now it appears the honeymoon phase is over for the couple.

Faith Nketsi Nzuzo Njilo

According to a City Press article, the Have Faith star has moved out of the house she shared with Nzuzo.

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A source reportedly told the publication that the couple is facing a multitude of financial difficulties as Nzuzo — who is linked to a number of fraudulent business deals — is “broke”.

Faith is allegedly also back to club hosting to try and make ends meet.

“She moved out about three weeks ago. She left Njilo and has gone back to hosting in clubs again with her friend Kim Kholiwe and making money. Just a few days ago, she was hosting at Booth Night Club, and she has put herself out there once again for the work that she used to do before she got married.”

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The source went on to add that Faith was under the impression Nzizo was “monied” when they first got together but discovered that he was quite the opposite after she had to sell her car to help him pay his debt.

Not stopping there, the source also alleged that the couple’s furniture was taken away to pay two men that Nzizo also allegedly scammed.

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