Tweeps Needs Lady Zamar To Be Arrested Already

Lady Zamar, a singer, goes on Twitter to brag about a picture she just took. She didn’t know that she would be met by a tough crowd. After Sjava was accused of rape, people on Twitter have been giving her a hard time ever since.


Since Lady Zamar accused Sjava of raping her, it has become clear that the public has not forgiven her. Even though she took back what she said, the public still makes Lady Zamar feel bad about what she said about Sjava at every chance it gets.

Whether or not the rape claims were true, people had already figured out that Lady Zamar had lied to Sjava, which hurt her music career in ways she could never have imagined. When Lady Zamar posted a picture of herself on Twitter to show off how beautiful she was, angry Twitter users attacked her in the comments.

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“the type you brag about” wrote Lady Zamar


The rough audience on Twitter has insulted Lady Zamar without remorse in remarks, calling for her arrest. The tweeps have gone so far as to label Lady Zamar a “true devil” since they believe she lied to Sjava about allegedly raping her.

“She has to get some jail time for the allegations against sjava” wrote Sthembiso Khoza


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“Maybe the Devil brags about you for what you did to Sjava” wrote Mr Mbuzi


“Konje you went around the media and told everyone that you had Sex with Sjava!” wrote Tebatjo Moepya


“Yes she did have lots of raw sex with Sjava, but lied that she was raped” wrote Ndomuwa


Sjava and Lady Zamar’s secret romance terminated abruptly, prompting the claimed rape charges. Lady Zamar’s post about being assaulted by musician and songwriter Sjava sparked outrage on Twitter.

“UnguSatan uqobo lwakhe wena” wrote Calvin Mthembu


“lapho u… uuu… u… uBusy uBragger ngama rape allegations angithi” wrote Gaddafi


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Lady Zamar is clearly the most ‘hated’ person on social media, particularly Twitter. All of her tweets and posts are always met with a harsh crowd that wants to make her regret publishing anything at all. It has been around two years since the rape claims were made public. On Twitter, though, tweeps are continuously giving Lady Zamar nightmares.

“Bragging about lies…… wabulala ikusasa lomuntu. Ungusathane onuka umchamo wena buso benja” wrote Somatekisi


“We haven’t forgotten what you did to Sjava, you are cursed look at your career now” wrote Mzi

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